How we do it


How we work can be broken down into three processes: application, design and build.

A top down view of a makeup brush with a small amount of foundation, above a pot of foundation.

We coordinate with our clients to ensure all necessary documentation for their account application is prepared. This will include all the shipping and logistics paperwork.

We’ll help with setting up your artwork and populate your account with the products that you intend to sell in China. We’ll also ensure that the artwork on our partners’ sites consistently mirrors ours. This means we’ll work with their platforms’ navigation systems, product filters and set categorisation according to your product type.

Our copywriting team, made up of fashion and luxury brand experts, will write descriptions that maximise SEO. Translation services are also available.

On request we can produce digital assets too. Web banners, graphics and sliders, including Chinese brand names and logos, will help your products into the hands and hearts of your intended audience.